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Tierra Limpiezas Ecologicas

About us

Our History

Tierra Limpiezas Ecológicas was created in March 2003 from the Fundación Empresa and Solidaridad. Since January 2007 is a limited partnership formed by the Fundación Empresa and Solidaridad. In May 2016 becomes S. Coop., A cooperative of social initiative, which takes into account labor integration, with a focus on empowering and uplifting women’s work, from the utmost respect for gender equality, guaranteed the better working conditions.

Our Mission

We are a social initiative company committed to the environment, thus we offer cleaning and maintenance, using organic products to ensure the conservation of the planet. In addition we provide professional training and household cleaning. Since the utmost respect for gender equality and better working conditions.

Our Vision

We want to be referents as a cooperative and social  cleaning company, in order to raise awareness of the importance of using organic products and their positive impact on society and the planet, and offer the best quality to our customers, getting industry recognition

Our Values

  • Cooperation / teamwork
  • Equality and fairness
  • Non-profit company
  • Quality
  • Environmental care
  • Employment – Labour

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